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Court Records


The fourth Hamilton County Courthouse 1854 - 1884
Elsewhere on this site is information about records of the Hamilton County Probate Court, such as marriages, deaths, wills and estates, guardianships, naturalizations, and more.  Divorces recorded by the Hamilton County Common Pleas Court are also described elsewhere on this site.
This page currently focuses on our new index of newspaper reports of early court cases (below).  In the future this page will also provide information on the records of Hamilton County courts not found elsewhere on this site, such as:
  • Common Pleas and Superior Courts
Index of Hamilton County, Ohio Reported Court Records 1841 - 1869
Complied by Jeffrey G. Herbert, this index contains the names of individuals in over 25,700 court cases reported in The Cincinnati Enquirer, before 1869. Many of the records housed in the Hamilton County courthouse were destroyed by a riot and subsequent fire in March 1884. This index attempts to recreate as many court cases as possible from daily summaries reported in this local newspaper, which can provide valuable information to the family history researcher. Typical cases reported include: Probate Court (wills and estates, guardianships, insanity cases, adoptions, probate notices), Common Pleas Court (divorces, civil disputes, property cases and petitions, bastardy and criminal cases) and Superior and District Court (appeals), and coroner inquests.
Published Full Index
The full index is published in our book and contains for each reported case: name, type of court case, date of notice, page in newspaper, and the specific court.  The book is available:
Public Online Abbreviated Index
An abbreviated index is available online at the following link that contains for each reported case: name, type of court case, year of notice.
From the record found in the abbreviated index a search can more readily be made of the published full index described above to find the date of publication, the page in the newspaper, and the specific court.
Acquiring a copy of the newspaper notice/summary
Once the full index has been obtained then a copy of the actual newspaper notice or summary of the court case can be acquired in one of the following ways:
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