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Hamilton County Damaged Deeds

Damaged Deed Books, 1836 to 1880 --- deeds and other records
On March 31, 1884, the Hamilton County court house was destroyed by fire. Every attempt was made to get as many deed and other books out of the building. While many were saved, many sustained severe damage by burning and water in trying to contain the fire. Afterwards a heroic effort was made to transcribe what information survived by copying into replacement books. The best they could do was to copy verbatim the parts of the page as it was before the fire (see examples below). While a significant number of all deed books have been indexed and are available on this website on the -- HCRO Deed Indexes webpage, many were not indexed.
A project was started in 2020 by our society volunteers to provide buyer and seller indexes to those books without an index. To create the indexes as fast as possible, in most cases, only the buyer and seller surnames will be available at this time. If the "Qualifier" field is blank, this means the entry is a "typical deed" - a single owner (seller) transfer to a single buyer. Each book will be added to the total index as soon as it is returned. Be aware the damage to an individual deed, mostly those at the front or rear of the original books, could be significant.
If the person in the seller column is special commissioner, county official, executor or others as indicated in the Qualifier column, the record will be reviewed in total as time permits by Jim Dempsey. Then additional information will be added and additional rows with additional names to further describe the court actions or additional events as many of these entries continue over several years. So researchers should check back from time to time to see if additional information has been added. See the following paragraph about court cases. 
Recorder's office access to these deed books:  https://recordersoffice.hamilton-co.org/hcro-pdi/doc-view/deed-book
Superior Court, Common Pleas Court, Probate Court cases involving land
Executors, Administrators, Guardians, Auditor or Sheriff  may be sued or need court decree to sell or transfer property. Or they may sue for non-peformance of payments due an estate or a minor. They may be appointed by the Mayor, Special or Master Commissioners, or County Commissioners. These cases were also recorded in the deed books and list all the heirs, husbands and wives. Typically deed headings have one name as seller and one as buyer. In this project, as time permits, we will try to include other surnames of those related to or connected to the indicated seller or buyer. Others mentioned such as notaries, judges, witnesses or appraisers will not be listed. So you need to use Ctrl-F to search all surnames in the index. These entries will be highlighted in the "Qualifier or type" column with the official's title (Shrf., Auditor, etc.) and/or "Super. ct., "Com Pleas ct.", "Prob ct." There are 575 court cases listed so far. For more detail on the courts at the time of the record, and causes and officials you will see in the deed books, see the text in red in the Ohio court history and jurisdictions here.
Special Records
Financial crises of 1837 lasted until mid 1840's due to speculative lending, cotton price decline and land price bubble. 343 out of 850 US banks closed entirely. With no insurance system, many Americans lost their entire life savings.  Investments and mortgages listing hundreds of names and locations such as Cincinnati, Buffalo, Erie, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington, Mobile, etc.relating to the crises are listed in deed book 82, pages 89-155 summarized  under "Financial". None of these names are indexed. See  Panic of 1837  in Wikipedia.
There are 355 leases in the books indexed so far, not in the separate Lease Books. These were typically houses and apartments downtown.
Deed Books still without indexes
Books 68, 76,  79,  85, 102,122, 129,134,138,143,145,146,148,150
Books 156,157,182,185,189,190-91,201, 211, 216, 227, 232,233, 237, 241-2, 244, 249
Books 255, 258-260, 262, 264-67, 269, 270, 272-74, 277-80, 282, 285-87
Books 291, 292, 312, 319, 355, 392, 459, 460, 507,515
Deed Books 1836 - 1870 previously without an index, now indexed (as of 4 Feb. 2021, about 26,000 names):
59, 65, 78, 81, 82, 88, 111, 123, 192, 240, 243, 261, 263, 268, 321, 333, 339, 383
Buyer Index:    Surnames A-Z                             Seller Index:   Surnames A-Z
(Indexes are every word searchable, use Ctrl-F)
Deed book 264 page 25 copy of text              Deed book 259 p. 291 copied.
still on the page that survived 1884 fire.         What could be read on original
Refers to Marcus Coombs and previous        previous deed..
deed recorded in book 259 p. 290
Pages 1 through 24 did not survive.
2/4/2021 JGD