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Genealogical queries with connections to Hamilton County were published in The Tracer from 1981 through 2014. Because there is a Surnames Database on this website, queries are no longer published in The Tracer. Only members can make additions to the Surnames Database. See the Using the Surnames List and Submitting Your Surnames pages for more information.
The queries for 2013 and 2014 and the indexes from 1981 to 2013 listed below will remain here for future research.
Queries 2013 - 2014

In the query list, note the Query # to get the submitter contact information at the link on the right. Addresses are displayed in a graphic image so marketers cannot intercept them for junk mail purposes. Click on the submitter's image to enlarge it.

2013 Queries to 31 Dec.     2013 submitter # 1-42  addresses         2013 submitter # 43-63  addresses 

2014 Queries to 11 November       2014 submitter # 1-13  addresses  


The Tracer Surname Indexes, 1981-2013

Alphabetical indexes to surnames posted in the HCGS quarterly journal, The Tracer, from 1981 through 1986, 1988 through 2005, and 2009 through 2013, are available here.

Note: African-American names marked with (A).

Surnames in: 2009    2010    2011    2012    2013    

Surnames 1990 - Dec. 2005 starting with: A through L    

Surnames 1990 - Dec. 2005 starting with:  M through Z      

Surnames 1981 - Dec. 1986, 1988 - Dec. 1989:  A through Z      


Surname list record type codes as of 2012:

B   Birth, baptisms and age; vital statistics 
C   Clergy
D   Death, burial, cemetery, vital statistics
E   Emigration, naturalization and citizenship
F   Families; i.e., spouses, siblings, records relating parents and children
G   Guardian, administrator, executor, trustee in probate records
H   Personal biography; pioneers, record extracts, schools, deeds, etc.
L   Lineage societies - First Families, Settlers & Builders, DAR, German, Irish, etc.
M   Marriage date (if just states as married, coded as F)
N   Non-USA birthplace or records of this name outside of US - Germany, England, Ireland, etc.
P   Published books on families, authors
Q   Queries
S   Society, club, fraternal group members, or not another code - GAR, DPV, etc.
W   Military or war service related
X   Other: portraits, photography, memorial, public official, witness, etc.


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