Registration for HCGS Webinar - Using the HCGS Website Part 2 on Saturday April 15, 2023, 11:00am EDT.  
Registration is now closed for this event (Saturday, 4/8 9:00pm EDT).
Registration for this event will open on Friday March 10, 2023, and will remain open until 9:00pm EDT on Saturday April 8, 2023.
PLEASE MAKE NOTE: Those who register will receive:
  • Shortly after registering at the link above an email from Zoom with a personalized link to the webinar and the passcode (password).
  • An email from HCGS during the week prior to the April 15 session with a link to download the PDF handout and guidance on the use of Zoom webinar features such as Q&A, chat, and the ending poll.
  • A reminder email from Zoom one day prior to the webinar, Friday April 14, again containing your personalized webinar link and passcode.
  • HCGS will record the lecture and ALL registrants will have the opportunity to watch the presentation again online for 30 days after the webinar, whether they attend they live webinar or not. HCGS will issue an email to all registrants in the week after the webinar with the link and passcode for viewing the video.
For more info on this event see the Events listing.
2023-04-08 RTB