Registration for HCGS September 18, 2021, Beginning Genealogy Research Webinar
Registration is now closed for this event (September 10 2021 9:00pm EDT).
Registration for this event will open on August 21 and remain open until 9:00pm EDT on September 10, 2021.
  • You will receive an email from Zoom immediately upon registering with a perseronalized link to the webinar and the passcode (password).
  • During the week prior to the September 18 session, you will receive an email from HCGS with a link to download the handout as a PDF and guidance on the use of Zoom webinar features such as Q&A, chat, and the ending poll.
  • One day prior to the webinar (September 17) you will receive a reminder email from Zoom, again containing your personalized webinar link and passcode. 
2021-09/10 RTB