Search Tips

Results Per Page
If you change the Results Per Page setting in the upper right-hand corner to a higher number then you will have fewer pages to potentially review.
Case Sensitivity
Database searches are not case sensitive.  That is, you can enter either upper case (capital) letters or lower case (small) letters in the text search boxes and the search will be equally effective.
Starts With ...
The search uses the text you enter in the text search box as the starting or beginning characters/letters of that data field.  For example, if you enter smi in the Last Name search box the search will return entries such as Smid, Smidt, Smitt, Smith, etc.
There are two wildcards that can be used in searches:
  1. % - The percent symbol.  This is a multi-character wildcard, that is, will substitute for multiple characters.
  2. _   - The underscore or underline character.  This is a single character wildcard, that is, will substitute for only one character..
The wildcards can be used either in front of the search text, in the middle of the search text, or both.  Since the system assumes all searches are "Start with" searches it is uneccessary to use the wildcard at the end of the text.  Examples of the % wildcard use:
  • %sch will yield for example names beginning with Barnschmidt.
  • sch%joh will yield for example names such as Schmidt, Johan.
  • %sch%joh will yield for example names such as Barnschmidt, Johan.