Note on German Umlaut & Eszett Letters

Some of the German surnames in the actual newspaper death notices or in the original church marriage records used the German umlaut and eszett letters as shown in the right hand column in the table below.  However, the online indexes on this site utilize the standard English transcription letters for these special German letters, as shown in the left-hand column.  Thus, if the surname you find in the index contains the English equivalent you should also look for the surname with the German special letter when searching for the actual death notice in the newspaper microfilms or the marriage record in the church microfilms.
English Equivalents German Umlauts & Eszett
ae ä
oe ö
ue ü
ss ß
For example, if the surname you have is Doerger in the index you should look on the microfilm for that date of newspaper publication for a death notice with the surname spelled Dörger, in addition to looking for Doerger.