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Saturday, October 4
A Day with the Experts  (Programs)
9:00 am to 3:00 pm
PLCH Main Library - 3rd Floor
On Saturday, October 4, HCGS will be co-sponsoring the annual “Day with the Experts.” This year’s topic will feature the contributions of the Quakers to this region. In addition to the chance to tour the Genealogy and Local History Department, two speakers are scheduled during the day. At 11:00 AM, Dr. Diane Van Skiver Gagel, Past President of OGS, will be discussing “The Inner Light: Researching Our Quaker Ancestors.” Dr. Robert Wimberg, a popular local historian and Adjunct Professor at Wilmington College will discuss “The Quakers of Cincinnati and Their Contributions” at 2:00 PM.
As usual, a variety of “experts” from around the area will have tables set up that you will be able to visit between 12:00 and 2:00. This has been a very popular program in year’s past, and this year should be no exception. As the date gets closer, look for more information through our website and social media.

Tuesday, October 7
On the Trail of Our Ancestors  (Education)
7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Sharonville Branch Library
Offered at three locations, this class will help beginners get started and those who have already explored go to the next level, focusing on "how-to" and online resources. This is the first of three identical sessions. Other sessions:
Westwood Branch Library, Thursday, October 16 at 6 p.m.
Harrison Branch Library, Monday, October 20 at 7 p.m.

Saturday, October 11
Tram Tour of Spring Grove Cemetery  (Programs)
11:00 am
Spring Grove Cemetery
Two additional Tram Tours have been scheduled for 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM on Saturday, October 11th. Because of an additionl tram car, there are about 15 spots available. Please contact Kathy Reed (khreed@cinci.rr.com) if you are interested in attending. Put "Spring Grove" in the subject line.

Saturday, October 18
Hands on with Land 1: Identifying Landowners  (Education)
Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Main, 3rd Floor Computer Lab
This educational series consists of a lecture followed by a hands-on session working with your own ancestors or an example. Discoveries, issues, strategies, and participant examples will be shared in these informal sessions. Participants will get the most out of Hands-on with Land Series if they attend all lectures and sessions. This session is suitable for beginning-advanced researchers.
11-12 noon "Surveying Land Records for Genealogical Gold" (Repeat), Liz Stratton
Introduction to land research.
1-3 pm Identifying Landowners (Preregistration: http://goo.gl/ZIClpP)
This session will focus on identifying land owners using census, published sources, and historical land ownership patterns. Bring your list of ancestors and find out who owned land!
Liz Stratton
Education Director
Photograph courtesy of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, reproduced with permission.
"Homestead of Nicholas Longworth's Great Grand Parents. Grandin Rd., E. W. H, Cincinnati."  Southwest Ohio and Neighboring Libraries. Greater Cincinnati Memory Project. http://www.cincinnatimemory.org/ : accessed 12 September 2014. Digital image.  Identifier: ocp002919pccnb.  Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Saturday, October 25
Heritage Luncheon  (Seminar)
Clovernook Country Club
On Saturday, October 25, we will hold our annual Heritage Luncheon at the Clovernook Country Club. It is at this time that we introduce and welcome new members to our three lineage groups:  First Families, Settlers and Builders, and Century Families. (Information as to time, location, cost and the bio of our guest speaker, will be found in the September Tracer).
Our guest speaker this year is Wendy Hart Beckman. She just published a new book entitled Founders and Famous Families of Cincinnati. One of her biggest challenges was deciding which Cincinnati Families to include. Each featured family made a contribution in more than one area (i.e. education and philanthropy) and had an impact on the area in more than one area. As someone who has had the pleasure of hearing Ms. Beckman speak, I know we are in for a treat. Please send in your reservation by October 18. More information about the three lineage groups can be accessed on our website.

Saturday, November 1
Hands on with Land 2: Finding your Ancestor's Land  (Education)
PLCH Main Library, 3rd Floor Computer Lab
Discoveries, issues, strategies, and participant examples will be shared in these informal working sessions.
11-12 noon “Prospecting for Gold: Land Records in Print, Online, on Film and in Person” (Repeat), Liz Stratton
Explore the many places land records can be found. Availability of Hamilton County land resources will be covered.
1-3 pm Finding Your Ancestor's Land (Preregistration: http://goo.gl/PS9Y22)
Participants will find ancestral land records or property descriptions. A variety of sources will be used to learn more about your ancestor’s land. County names and boundary changes will be explored.

Saturday, November 8
Uncovering World War I Genealogy Resources with Patricia Van Skaik  (Programs)
11:00 pm to 12:00 pm
PLCH Main Library
2014 marks the 100th Anniversary of the beginning of World War I.  From its outbreak, Cincinnati’s interest in the war was strong. By the war’s end, over 500 Cincinnatians had given their lives, and even more registered and served.  World War I records not only fill in gaps about ancestors’ lives, but also form a bridge back to the 19th century. Join Genealogy and Local History Manager, Patricia Van Skaik, as she explores military records housed at the Library sought by researchers from around the world and a wealth of resources that provide a glimpse of civilian life during the Great War.

Saturday, December 6
Hands on with Land 3: Identifying Subdivision Names  (Education)
PLCH Main Library, 3rd Floor Computer Lab
Discoveries, issues, strategies, and participant examples will be shared in these informal working sessions.
11-12 noon “Prospecting for Gold in Hamilton County Geographical Indexes” (New), Liz Stratton
Introduction to using Hamilton County geographical indexes.
1-3 pm Identifying Subdivision Names (Preregistration: http://goo.gl/Swwcvh)
The first step in using geographical indexes is finding the subdivision name. A variety of strategies will be used to determine subdivision names from addresses, deeds, census listings, map references and more.

Saturday, February 7, 2015
Hands on with Land 4: Digging into Deeds  (Education)
PLCH Main Library, 3rd Floor Computer Lab
Discoveries, issues, strategies, and participant examples will be shared in these informal working sessions.
11-12 noon “Surveying Land Records for Genealogical Gold: Digging into Deeds” (Repeat), Liz Stratton
1-3 pm Reading and Interpreting Deeds (Preregistration: http://goo.gl/rJYmdy.)
Participants will read and interpret deeds and analyze them for additional avenues of research. Sample deeds will be provided to illustrate some unusual terminology and issues.

Saturday, April 18, 2015
Annual Seminar at Mill Race Banquet Center - Save the Date  (Seminar)
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Mill Race Banquet Center, Winton Woods
Save the date for Hamilton County's Annual Seminar at the Mill Race Banquet Center. More details to follow!